Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Shout out to:

Wow just amazing how the Lord sends out his missionaries...but calls them first...

Big shout out to:

Elder Siosefa Palu - Called to serve in the New York NY Mission, leaves 17th May 2010

Sister Fine Fafai - Called to serve in the New Zealand Wellington Mission, leaves 20th May 2010

Elder Henry Luatua - Called to serve in the Australia Brisbane Mission, leaves 20th May 2010

Elder Helaman Fafai - Called to serve in the New Zealand Auckland Mission, leaves 10th June, 2010

Sister Leah Lawrence - Called to serve in the Fiji, Suva Mission, leaves 1st July 2010

Awwww and by the way!...Believe it or not! I had my last interview today! Woot Woot! So am now OFFICIALLY joining the Waiting List...with many others...A few of my friends are waiting...Some are finishing their missions, some of my friends have served missions, some are still matter what the STATUS QUO...Without doubt this is the Lords work. And it shall go forth unto every nation until every single soul has had an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Now the waiting

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My brother got his call today!!

Like wow! today my brother got his call! BTW had an amazing day! woke up at about 8.30am. Had an excellent breakfast, Facebooked for a while, read a few talks. Actually did something physical! went for a run. Did RED ARROW! Oh dear how unfit i was. But anyway came home, went for a shower got ready for work. On my way to work i pull up outside our company driveway, and i hear my phone going off. For some good reason I felt like I needed to pick up this call. I thought. OMG! Mission Call! so I pulled over in the middle of the driveway, pulled out my phone (By the way i was on my brothers scooter with a helmet on) and picked it up put it on speakerphone. Heard pauls voice and was like Heeeeyyy Brother!! Then he told me had got his call. And he'd tried calling everyone but no one picked up the phone...Man did i get excited. One of the drivers were looking at me like EW! But i didnt care...So like i could tell he was anxious...anyways i told him i was gonna call mum and dad and tell them the news so they could make the plan and i'll do whatever...So like yeah...i called mum mum was like super super excited...and dad was like wheres he going...i was like dad he hasnt opened then tried texting emma..bout ran outta i called using the landline..WooHoo...

Long Story cut short...I left work early to go mums house. Emma came to pick me up on the way. And yeah Emma was just as excited as I was. I've never seen emma speed in the Car legally and well...We made it home in pretty good time! lol.

Called Paul, and Tali and My mum were there with him! haha. Was awesome! Thenit began...

We could here him ripping (hopefully nicely opening) his BIG WHITE ENVELOPE!!...

Then we're like Read it from the beginning, and he's like I cant find the he not know where the beginning

Then he starts laughing...(At this point i wonder if he saw where he was going before he even started the letter)

But then the experience began...He read...

"Dear Elder Luatua,

You are hereby called to serve as a Missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are assigned to labour in the Australia Brisbane Mission. (We scream and laugh at the same time, Mum Luatua yells "Are you sure?") It is anticipated you will serve for a period of 24 months. You should report to the New Zealand Missionary Training Center on Thursday May 20, 2010. You will prepare to preach the Gospel in the English Language."

My goodness brother...all I can say is that I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father has called you here for a reason. He has called you as a Missionary of the restored Gospel to invite others to come unto christ and helping them recieve the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement...He has called you to the Work...So in that I leave...Brother if you ever get to read this...Serve with everything that you have. Remember who you are, why you are here and what it is that you are supposed to do.

Funny how my family is moving back to New Zealand near end of this year and well with me? Hopefully Im out on a Mission Somewhere serving the Lord! And ELder Luatua is coming back to where we stay in the Brisbane Mission and yeah maybe to finish off some unfinished business...Man is Heavenly Father amazing!! Love Him!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

There's no place like home

It's been 7 months since I last stepped foot on HOMELAND (Good Ol New Zealand) and saw close family and friends...Gosh I miss HOME!

This is Tropical Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. Also known as Paradise. This is where I reside at the moment. We have Coconut Trees, Mango Trees, Awesome Lagoon flooding with Backpackers. Nobody owns any piece of winter clothing here except for Raincoats. As it is technically Summer all year round. The last count of population up here was 122,000 people! In Cairns, The Church has a District of 4 Branches. We have maybe 20+ Active Young Single Adults which amazing for a branch in the Middle of nowhere pretty much. Cairns District covers the rest of Far North Queensland all the way up to Papa New Guinea. Isn't that something for yah!

Then we have Auckland City, New Zealand. This is where I spent all of my 20 years of my life in. I was born here, learned to walk and talk here and pretty much. All my friends and family are here. Population last count was 1.4 Million people. This is more of the hectic busy lifestyle. You have soooo many more options around you. I went to 5 different high schools and all located in completely different areas. The temperature is freezing compared to here. Your average summer is 21 degrees. And coldest winter morning is 4 degrees. You need shoes, socks, beanies, and everything under the Sun. I miss the many functions they had going all in the one night. One thing for sure you're never BORED!! There's always something to do.

Church Wise. I was baptized into the Avondale Ward, Waterview Stake of Zion. We have 6 Wards in our Stake and 3 Chapels. 2 Located in Central Auckland and 1 Located in Central West of Auckland. Even though it was a big Ward the number of Active Young Single Adults were smaller. Probably 10+ not even 10 if I recall.

But all up I love Cairns. It truely is an amazing place. A Prophet of the Lord stepped into Cairns many years ago and gave a prophetic sermon at the Cairns Convention Center. Over 2000 people filled the seats to hear Him speak. He prophesied of a Temple being built here in lil ol Cairns. He attached with that blessing this message. "But it is up to the Saints". If we want a temple we will get one. I did not see the prophet speak. I was not here to witness this magnificent occassion. But I testify of the growth in this small area. I testify of the many strong members we have here that will in future build many mighty generations. I stand behind the Prophet when he councilled there would be a Temple here in Cairns, Qld, Australia.
I testify that prophets are mouth pieces to Our Heavenly Father. I know He lives and reveals his secrets to his servents, the prophets. I know without a doubt Cairns is an amazing place to be at this point of time.
This I say in the Sacred Name of our Savior. Even Jesus Christ. Amen.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doctrine and Covenants Section 4

Doctrine and Covenants, Section 4

"Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth, among the children of men. Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day. Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work; For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul; And faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work. Remember faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, charity, humility, and diligence. Ask, and ye shall recieve; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Amen"

The Ultimate Missionary Scripture! Underlining the most important words that stick out to me! What an eye opener for a scripture! This is what its all about. This is what Preparing Missionaries all over the Earth read over, ponder about, learn, they cut this scripture up study and analyze word for word therefore unravelling the Greatness of the Message that lies within this scripture.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Definition of the word "Support"

The definition of the Word "SUPPORT" is to bear the weight of, especially from below. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking or slipping. To keep form weakening, or failing; strenghthen"

Young Single Adults was practially my family in the Church. As I only spent but a few months in Young Womans after my Baptism. Young Single Adults gave me a clean social life. Always fun. Will always know YSA for all the late nights, early mornings, after every dance you'll all somehow congregate outside Mcdonalds, all the Activities, Meeting heaps and heaps of cool people. The spiritual side to this was Institute, Conventions, Firesides, Broadcasts and many more especially enjoy everyday conversation about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Relief Society (imagine you get a whole 30+ Ladies in one room) was practically my high council support group of mothers. Constantly councilling me left, right center Everyday of the week including Sundays! And the Priesthood. The Bishopric and Branch Presidency have helped alot with the confirmation of alot of things. Inspired council from ON HIGH.

Outside of the Church. There too was a high number of support groups. My non member family in New Zealand. I love my Uncle very much! He and my grandpa growing up has had a MAJOR part in the person I am today. Although I am a member. Growing up alot of the qualities I already had joining the Church was inspired and instilled in me from these 2 GREAT MEN in my life! I love my uncle. He has taught me alot about Sacrifice! My grandpa. Was an amazing man no matter what other people tell me. He taught me alot about Respect for others and Respect for self. To serve those around you. To be the best you can be!

My uncle had a choice many years ago. Two Children ended up at his doorstep. Me and my younger brother. He was only in his early 20s and the time. He had a choice to go and live his life the way he wanted to. He had a choice to choose his life or ours. As young as he was then, and as free he was. Because he loved his Father sooooo much (My grandpa) he chose to love us. Because our Grandpa loved us and didnt want us to be elsewhere! My uncle followed and learned to love us the same way our grandpa loved us. I will forever remember his example. Through the years he constantly taught us principles that were only ever Magnified in the Church. Sacrifice being a big part, Being Honest, Learning to take others burdens. Although not going to church he taught me true Christian Values.

My Grandpa was a Great Man! I would remember everytime I'd finish school me and my bro would walk home and always without miss find him sitting at the table waiting for us. He'd tell us to go wash up get changed and come have some Cocoa Rice! without fail! He would serve us everyday. He would wash our clothes, He would make sure we were always with him no matter what. At school he would pride in us achieving the best that we could. I loved school because Him and my Uncle had a passion for it too. Grandpa would always encourage us to Be The Best! The day he passed away was a very low point in my life. He was my EVERYTHING! He was my apple of my eye! He was the very reason I would respect myself and people around me. He taught me that. He constantly supported us when it came to sports. Me and my bro practically joined all the sports teams.

When he died in 2003 I questioned the very purpose of life. I questioned where is he now. I looked up into the skies in hopes that hes up there somewhere as everyone would say. How can I have all these feelings of love for such a being and then for something to happen and that would just perish and go away. Stop at the very point! I remember saying "if there was a God! Take me in his place! Bring him back and Take me instead" I would die just to hear his voice again. I would do anything just to feel the warmth of his hands. I would do anything just so he can live and be with me again.

Since joining the Church. I have had these questions answered. I know without a doubt where he is. There is a reason why we are here on Earth. There is a purpose. And that is to prepare to meet God our Eternal Father. I know that Death is just apart of the process. He is not lost. He is there. Waiting for me to do my part. I know without a doubt that The Plan of Salvation is true! I know when we die there is a place prepared for us.

My Grandpas name is Isakara Penia Fata Seuseu. He now rests in the Heavens and will soon be reunited with my grandma Mama Leitu. His sweetheart and companion.
My Uncle Tills Seuseu still resides in Glen Eden with a lovely new wife Barbara and they have 4 Children. Silao, Isakara Jnr, Steven and Baby girl Loretta Seuseu.
WOOHOO! Papers Completed!!

few more steps to take then SUBMIT TO CHURCH HEADQUARTERS! SLC!!
Can't stop smiling...Wow This is the Furtherest I have ever gone...How this Journey has just begun...

I finished work late tonight being a Thursday you have Late Night Shopping (Boy these days are tough) and finished at 10.30pm. Was anxious to get home and to upload my photo properly and submit...I opened up the Netbook straight away...Got Online...Signed into the Missionary Recommendation System...Checked everything...I started getting all figity just double checking, starting to make noises and get all excited, My roomate threw me funny stares and she was on her Laptop across from me...the feelings of the weight of this sacred calling kept flashing in my mind...Checked everything and like YES! ALL CORRECT! then read the privacy statement...and then the unavailable SUBMIT BUTTON came available...I checked the list up and down...Then...clicked submit!...:)

Funny how the first few words that come out of my mouth after that was..."It's done!" amazing..I just recalled atonement and the crucifixtion...and how the Savior said in John 19: 29 "It is finished; and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost"

For a few good seconds perhaps minutes My body relaxed, My mind pulled back abit and My mind cleared the Stage of Thoughts...Just for a minute...I thought "It's done!"

Then I realized...HOLD UP! I havent even gone yet...I havent even time to rest...time to get back onto it!...Time to make things happen...Time to auto focus on those Important Priorities...The fight isn't over yet...
It just upped another Level...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Long Journey...

Who knew preparing for a mission would be a Mission in itself!
What a journey...
I tell you...

When I started to prepare for a Mission...I thought it would be so easy...BOI! Was I hella wrong! From the time of Confirmation which was Mid June/July last year 2010, I have never come across soooo many trials and tribulations...Who knew Satan was that eager to try and stop every preparing Missionary to serve a Mission. Im talking about ME!! It truely does testify of the Greatness in the Work and The Truthfulness of The Message that we have (I will soon) to deliver to who knows how many people...tens of hundreds, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people.

Early November last year I had a date with my Aussie Mum. And I was pretty bummed because it had just passed my birthday and that was the supposed date I was meant to hand in my papers. But hadn't and was still floating in the world like I am today. I recalled a Meeting I had with President Fa'aoso (He's our BP aka Branch President) a few months earlier...I think it was around August...after my confirmation...I had told him I had asked Heavenly Father for a good date to put in my papers. And he presented to me My birthday last year. President then counsilled me to maybe consider a Better or Best date. While with Mum talking over some awesome Chicken and Avocado Sumo Salad at Cairns Central we discussed dates. I popped out with April 4th! Just had a good feeling about it. Mum jumped at the date aswell. She had a good feeling too. Those feelings were an answer to a heart said prayer.
Quote from My Journal, Entry 22nd November 2009 "I really need to be gone by August next year...although thats 9 months away...I feel end or beginning of March or even April is the best date...April 4th...2010...yes I will pray about this thats 19 weeks away..."

So January this year, I have made video posts of myself and have been saving them onto my Netbook. So will put a few up.

So like Sunday just gone I had My LAST TEMPLE PREP Class. Amazing Course I tell you. Helped me prepare even more for higher covenants and also has been an EYE OPENER to what Im getting myself into. We were in discussion about Sarah and Delina (2 other class mates who are preparing to enter into the Temple) meeting with the Mission President, President Richards. Because we're in a District Pres Mahler (District Pres) cannot complete my interview. Anywho. Pres Richards wont be up again after 28th of March until May sometime. Keep this story in mind.
Okay so like Everything has been going into that date! I have 17 days left!! Till I hand them in. And just yesterday. a whole NEW Revelation come to me. As I was cruising the websites like I do. (Lately I've become very fond of Mission Blogs and LDS Blogs) Hence why I started up my own. Anywho. I come across Just on the front page I read the Mission Application Time and realised. HOLD ON! Once I submit my papers they only get sent to Branch President. I still have to meet with the Mission President and he ultimately submits my papers. But then I realised that Mission President is only coming up next week and after that not coming until May sometime. Then I got even more anxious. I knew I was preparing for a Mission. But to be that close Oh Wow! Time really is moving alot faster maybe faster than my mind can keep up with.
Which means. My scheduled Interview with Pres this week will have to be The Interview. already?? Shux! and next weekend on the 28th which is next Sunday. Will have to be The Ultimate Interview! FReaKY!! just thinking about it!

This is Me

Amazing how time works...

Nearly 5 years ago, I found Truth. Or shall I say Truth found me? I found out there was a God. There was a Jesus Christ. He really did walk the earth. He atoned for me. He organized his Church while on the earth. Thousands of years later that Church was restored. With that the Windows of Heaven were reopened to the boy Joseph Smith. Who later became one of the Lords Prophets. We have the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It compliments the Bible as the Bible compliments the Book of Mormon...

Later that year, I decided I was going to serve a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...

Only mid last year was it confirmed to me that I was meant to serve a Mission...

Since then everything has been put into that thought...

Today I have never felt so close to putting in my papers than ever before...