Sunday, May 23, 2010

As the wait draws to an END...

As I feel my wait draws to an end I cannot help but contemplate the wait period has to be I SAY HANDS DOWN the hardest of the Missionary Preparation for myself. I have witnessed many different situations where I just dont know have come from. From New Job Role stresses, to unexpected Family Decisions to Mission Call Reassignments, to Work Staff Issues. All have been but a learning curve for me and my journey. It has been tough, it has been hard, it has been heart ache, it has been a JOURNEY! I am grateful for my trials! Why? Because I know if I wouldnt face them now and deal with them now I wouldnt be able to deal with them in the future. I believe and know without a doubt that these trials have been preparing steps for me for My Service to the Lord. I have to admit. I have not handled some of my trials the best I could of. I could of made alot more simple and wiser decisions to deal with them. However that is where the learning comes in. I have learnt from my mistakes, I have to move on. As it comes to an end, I feel the urgency to become more prepared! I feel the need to bury myself into the scriptures, to pour my heart out in prayer, to give everything I have to the Lord and to Be the Best I can Be! I feel that that sour chapter is drawing to a close and a new one opens as I prepare more intensly for my Service to the Lord.


My Brother Henry Paul Luatua has been reassigned. He is no longer serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission. Elder Henry Luatua has been reassigned to labor in the Australia Perth Mission. He reports to the New Zealand Missionary Training Center on June 10th 2010.

My Friend Bronson Ta'ala has received his Mission Call. Elder Bronson Ta'ala is hereby called to serve in teh Fiji Suva Mission. He reports to the MTC on July 1st 2010! Congratulations my Friend! Who I now owe a Dinner to after our Missions.

My new Friend Sister Crystal Jelley is currently waiting for her Mission Call. She speed tracked her Papers to Head Quaters in no time! Talk about connections!

My friend Thomo Gosney has just had his Missionary Reccomendation Interview today! He will soon submit his papers and will be waiting aswell for His Mission Call! Give it up for the Cairns District!

It has been an amazing Chapter "Waiting" and as it draws to an END I wish to open the next chapter with fresh eyes, fresh feel, fresh fresh fresh oh yeah!!

Bring it on! Oh by the way. 28th of this month it would have been officially 2 months waiting. Who would of thought the wait would of been any longer! lol. I've been soooo impatient! I've slowly accepted not getting what I wanted. But I know when I receive my Mission Call! I know that is where the Lord needs me to serve His Children! I know that is where My oh so limited talents are needed! I know...

I'll go where you want me to go Dear Lord
Over mountains or plains or sea
I'll say what you want me to say dear Lord
I'll be what you want me to be...