Sunday, April 11, 2010

So the Waiting begins...

Okay so i admit! today i checked the Mailbox. Its been 2 long weeks since I've submitted my papers and well Nothing. No BIG WHITE ENVELOPE squashed into our small lil space of a letterbox. Then it dawned on me. Hold ON! My Mission call is getting sent to my home address. haha. Not my Residential address. lol. DURR! talk about a blonde moment there! well. so the wait begins. another 4 weeks of waiting. If still nothing. Then im going to have to make some phone calls! lol.

I wonder where it is the Lord wants me to work,
I wonder where the Lord requires my talents (BTW they are only few),
I wonder when the Lord needs me to be ready,
I wonder if I have enough time to be ready,
I know that I have been called to serve Him.

I know my preparations have already begun!
And with that...

The Waiting Continues...