Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wow! Countdown really is starting. 22 days left! Ahhhhhhh!

Preparing for a Mission seems like a mission itself! The wait...The Rush...The Questions...The Feelings...The Anexiety...The Hecticness (if thats even a word)...

Trials trials trials. After so many trials you see soooo many blessings. When you encounter a trial while preparing you want to ask yourself. Okay. So what am I to learn from this? Who am I to be helping? One thing I have learnt is that although your trials may be doubled..as it may feel...your blessings will AND WILL BE TRIPLED! Blessings always will outweigh your trials! No doubt.

Trials + Faith + Application + No murmuring = 2FOLD Blessings.

I soon enter into the temple! What a feeling! How to feel! Why to feel! What to feel! When to feel! Soooo many thoughts and feelings enter into my mind and heart as I contemplate what I am about to do. Embark on a Journey where The Lord himself went. To feel as he did. To walk where he would walk. I will never ever feel how it felt for the Savior to feel as he atoned for our sins. However. I have felt abit of how he would of felt. But applying the atonement into my life. I have realized that its an accepting thing. Alguds we can say yes we know. Yes I know that already. But until we apply that into our lives we will never really know how it feels to accept. We need to accept and apply.

So my missionary cards arrived today! They are sooo awesome and funny! My photo is like soooo massive! lol. I feel vainish for doing so. But I will only be giving it because at the back is Mosiah 5:2....

Faith is such a huge applicator in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without Faith there will be no religion. We cannot do anything without particles of faith being exercised.

I have often wondered how would I approach door, How would I teach this certain principle, How do I introduce myself, How do I act, How do I greet someone, How bold should I be, How much will I learn about others, How much will I learn about myself? So many questions and feelings are felt.

Sometimes when thing like this happen...We need to step back. And get back to basics.
Daily Prayers, Daily Scripture Study, Daily Service to those around you, Daily Gratitude, Daily Repentance, Daily Meditation, Daily Exercise...

I have been constantly looking for a meditation method I can use while out on the Mission. I love the beaches. I love the water at the beaches. Not neccessary swimming in it. But I love the feeling it gives me. I love how it calms my soul. Calms my mind and heart. Everything is swept away and my mind is made empty to be able to simply re-prioritize my life. It calms my busy-self into a calm situated self who can see clearly again. Who can feel...It's like your back. When your back feels edgy all you have to do is to click it back into place and you get that soothing feeling and you feel relaxed. And so then you can redo everything. Looking at the sea and just being able to meditate and appreciate what God has given us gives me that feeling of just being....Me...I feel that much closer when I am able to speak with God through my heart and to feel the feelings of the Spirit + the Sea calm my soul! I love it...

So 3 more Sundays before I leave for the Mission. I have met Brother Nick White and also Brother Ezekiel Orro who will be leaving with me to the NZ MTC...Amazing! Elder White, Elder Orro, Sister Luatua...who else will be joining us? I wonder who. I cannot wait to help people feel the same happiness I feel. I cannot wait till they know the truth. I cannot wait till they know. Till they feel. Till they change their lives for God.

This is our Redcliffe Ward YSA @ Mission Prep, Brisbane Australia Temple.

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